Multi-functional Electric Road Cutter Concrete Wall Cutter Concrete Pipe Cutting Machine 31May 2023


We recommend a new multi-functional electric road cutter,which is a versatile tool that is

used for cutting asphalt, concrete, cement,wood and other hard surfaces. This machine is

powered by an electric motor 3200W and uses a diamond blade to cut through tough


  The electric road cutter is equipped with a number of features that make it a valuable tool

on construction sites and in road repair projects. Some of the key features of this machine


1.Versatile Blade: The diamond blade used in theelectric road cutter is versatile and can be

adjusted to cut at different angles.This makes it possible to cut curves and shapes in hard


2. Dust Suppression: The electric road cutter is also equipped with a dust suppression system

thathelps to control the amount of dust generated during cutting. This makes it safer and

more comfortable to operate the machine.

3. Ergonomic Design: The electric road cutter is designed with ergonomics in mind. It features

comfortable handles and a lightweight design that makes it easy to maneuver.

4. Multiple Cutting Depths: The electric road cutter can cut at different depths, allowing it to

be used for a wide range of applications. This makes ita versatile tool that can be used for

cutting roads, sidewalks, driveways, and other hard surfaces.

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