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    Since year 2008, we became a joint stock limited group company. A professional supplier of mini concrete mixer, plate compactor, tamping rammer,power tools and tile cutter,tile laying vibrators.We are constantly improving the products quality and developing latest products to meet customer's demands. Our products conform to the safety requirement of international standards, and our well-trained QC team carries out the inspection during the each stage of production to control the quality before dispatch.   Our Branch Companies name are:  Nanjing Detuo Mechanical & Electronical Technology Co.,Ltd   Detuo Industry Co.Ltd   Nanjing Detool Electric Co.,Ltd     If you are interested in any of our products or would like to discuss an order,please feel free to contact with us. We are looking forward to build mutually beneficial business relationships with any friend around the world.     
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    Excellent products
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   We are professional manufacture of mini concrete mixer, plate compactor, tamping rammer, power trowel,power tools and tile cutter,tile laying tools,Our products conform to the safety requirement of international standards, and our well-trained QC team carries out the inspection during the each stage of production to control the quality before dispatch. 
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D01A Tile Cutter Tool
D-01A Tile Cutter
6pcs Grade A bearings Aluminum Sliding Head Aluminum Front End Ruler
Tile Cutter Factory
D-01B Tile Cutter
6pcs Grade B bearings Aluminum Sliding Head Aluminum Front End Ruler
Manual Ceramic Tile Cutter
Professional Manual Porcelain and Ceramic Tile Cutter D-03
Aluminum base:200*35*1.2MM Solid rod: 20MM
Tile Cutter for Remodel
Professional Manual Porcelain and Ceramic Tile Cutter D-05
Aluminum base:200*35*1.2MM Solid rod: 20MM
Manual Ceramic Tile Cutter Tool
Professional Manual Porcelain and Ceramic Tile Cutter D-07
Aluminum base:200*35*1.2mm Cutting Wheel Size:22x6x6mm  
550W motor of mini concrete mixer
Factory direct 550W Motor of Portable Concrete Mixer
High quality 550W to 850W motor for mini concrete mixer  
latest news
Happy New Year 2024
28Dec 2023
Happy New Year 2024
   Dear valued customers and esteemed colleagues,    As we bid farewell to another remarkable year, we would like to take a moment to express our deepest gratitude for your unwavering support and trust in our company.The year 2023 has been a rewarding journey filled with achievements, growth, and invaluable partnerships.Your continued belief in our products and services has been the driving force behind our success.We are truly humbled by the opportunities you have presented to us, and we remain committed to delivering excellence in everything we do.    As we embark on the upcoming year, we are excited to announce that our company will be observing a New Year holiday from the 30th of December 2023 to the 1st of January 2024.During this time, our dedicated team will be taking a well-deserved break to recharge and spend quality time with their loved ones.Rest assured that we have made all necessary arrangements to ensure any ongoing projects or services will be handled efficiently before the holiday period begins.Our commitment to your satisfaction and the seamless delivery of our promises remains unwavering.    Looking ahead, 2024 holds great promise for our company, and we are enthusiastic about the opportunities it will bring.We are continuously striving to enhance our products, expand our reach, and exceed your expectations in every possible way.    Once again, we extend our heartfelt appreciation for your support, loyalty, and valuable partnership.We would not be where we are today without you.  As the New Year approaches, may it bring new hopes, endless possibilities, and boundless success for all of us.    Wishing you and your loved ones a joyous New Year filled with happiness, prosperity, and good health.Let's continue to achieve greatness together in the upcoming year. With warm regards, Detuo Group (Nanjing) Co., Ltd. 
Portable Concrete Mixer
12Jan 2023
Portable Concrete Mixer
  Good news, our sales volume of mini concrete mixers in 2022 reached 93,000, and it is expected that the sales volume of mixers in 2023 will reach 120,000. Thanks for every customers, We will work harder in the new year, and Let us work together to create a more brilliant future!
Benefits of using a small cement mixer
01Feb 2023
Benefits of using a small cement mixer
  Typical small cement mixer models usually feature a rotating cement mixer bowl, a motor that rotates the mixer bowl and the handle that allows the operator to shift the position of the cement mixer bowl to pour out the cement or concrete once ready. It can either be mobile or stationary and can be mounted on trailers or trucks. These machines simplify the concrete mixing task and before purchasing one, it's important to consider the portability, power source and the size of the cement mixer bowl, capacity and maintenance requirements. Purchasing the right small cement mixer can be challenging because there are so many models on the market. Small concrete mixer models are usually used at construction sites for getting into hard to reach areas and mixing cement. Although cement and concrete can be blended by hand, construction projects will be completed faster with a large or small cement mixer. Here are the benefits of using a small cement mixer at construction sites: TIME EFFICIENT   A reasonably important benefit of a small concrete mixer is that it can save labour effort and time. Even though these mixer types feature small cement mixer drums, mixing cement and concrete by hand is hard labour and time-consuming. This machine allows you to make better use of these so you can focus on other aspects of construction tasks. COST EFFICIENT   The small cement mixer can save you money because there's no need to hire more employees to mix the concrete by hand. Furthermore, you will also save on material because only the right amount and portions of all concrete ingredients go into the concrete mixer drum. If you need a concrete mixer for your home needs, there's no need to buy one, you can just hire it at a fraction of price to purchase. KEEPS YOU HEALTHY   Manually mixing a concrete requires a lot of effort and can be painful for your shoulders, back and muscles. A small cement mixer helps to make the building process painless. This cement mixer bowl makes the job easier and provides superior results since the mixture that this machine can create is more homogeneous.
Plate Compactor and Tamping Rammer
01Mar 2023
Plate Compactor and Tamping Rammer
  Our plate rammer, impact rammer generally used for paving streets, buildings, canals, bridges, the engineering foundation, curb, asphalt pavement compaction, such as highway, municipal, construction, water conservancy and other fields in the construction. It is very popular in the african market and is in high demand. We sincerely more friends cooperate with us and develop rewarding business partnerships.
How to Using Detuo Tamping Rammer
18Aug 2023
How to Using Detuo Tamping Rammer
Detuo manufacture the mini concrete mixer, plate compactor, tamping rammer,power tools since year 2008.To use a tamping rammer (also known as a jumping jack compactor) effectively and safely, follow these steps: Familiarize Yourself with the Equipment: Read and understand the user manual provided by the manufacturer. Pay attention to safety precautions and operational instructions. Wear Safety Gear: Before operating the tamping rammer, put on appropriate personal protective equipment, including safety glasses, ear protection, a dust mask, steel-toed boots, and gloves. Prepare the Work Area: Clear the area of any obstructions, debris, or loose materials. Ensure the ground is properly compacted or leveled before using the tamping rammer. Inspect the Detuo Tamping Rammer: Check the fuel level and oil level of the rammer. Ensure everything is in proper working condition, including the engine, handles, foot, and any safety features. Start the Tamping Rammer: If necessary, follow the specific instructions for starting the engine provided by the manufacturer. Typically, you need to prime the engine, set the choke if applicable, hold the throttle or grip, and pull the starter cord. Position Yourself Correctly: Stand behind the tamping rammer, maintaining a firm and stable stance. Hold onto the handles firmly with both hands, ensuring you have a good grip. Adjust the Settings: Adjust the controls and settings for the tamping rammer as needed, such as engine speed or compaction force. Refer to the user manual for guidance on adjusting these settings. Lower the Foot: Lower the foot of the tamping rammer onto the ground at the desired starting point. The foot should be in contact with the surface to be compacted. Start Compacting: Gently pull the throttle or grip to engage the engine and activate the foot's compaction mechanism. Allow the tamping rammer to make contact with the ground and perform its jumping action. Move in Straight Lines: Move the tamping rammer forward in straight lines, overlapping each pass by a few inches. Maintain a slow and controlled pace to allow the rammer's jumping action to effectively compact the soil or surface.
Mini Concrete Mixer
23Mar 2023
Mini Concrete Mixer
   Portable concrete mixer is a machine that combines cement, sand or gravel and water to form concrete. It is mainly used for construction sites, roads, bridges and other projects. The biggest advantage of portable concrete mixer is its high mobility, which makes it easy to move from one place to another. Portable concrete mixers are available in different sizes and capacities to meet the needs of different projects.
Detuo Attend the Canton Fair
03Apr 2023
Detuo Attend the Canton Fair
 The Canton Fair is the largest trade fair in China. It is held biannually in Guangzhou every spring and autumn, with a history of more than 60 years since 1957. The fair showcases a wide variety of Chinese products and services, including electronics, machinery, hardware, building materials, chemicals, textiles, and food. It is an important platform for foreign companies to explore business opportunities in China.    Our company will attend the 113th Canton Fair from 15th to 19th Apr. we will bring the Concrete Mixer, Plate Compactor, Tamping Rammer, Drywall Sander, Wall Slotting Machine etc to show. Warmly welcome friends visit.
Detuo Supply Different Drywall Sanders
06Apr 2023
Detuo Supply Different Drywall Sanders
  The drywall sander is a power tool used to sand down drywall, plaster, and other materials. It consists of an abrasive pad attached to a handle that is connected to a motor. The motor spins the abrasive pad at high speeds, allowing the user to quickly and easily sand down walls and other surfaces. Drywall sanders are typically used in construction and renovation projects to smooth out rough patches in walls or ceilings before painting or applying wallpaper.   Detuo Group supply different types high quality drywall sanders, which make your work easier. if you have any questions or want to place an order, please feel free to give us Email.  
Tile laying Vibrator
11Apr 2023
Tile laying Vibrator
   A tile laying vibrator is a tool used to help install tiles in a professional manner. It is designed to vibrate the tiles into place, helping to reduce air bubbles and other imperfections that can occur when laying tiles. The vibrator also helps ensure that the tiles are laid evenly and securely. Tile laying vibrators are available in both electric and manual versions, with the electric versions being more powerful and efficient. Our company supply tile laying vibrators from 9v to 21v, which make your tile paving work easier and high efficiency.
How To Use The Portable Concrete Mixer
14Apr 2023
How To Use The Portable Concrete Mixer
 Steps to use the concrete mixer:Place the portable concrete mixer on a flat, level surface. Make sure that the surface is strong enough to support the weight of the mixer and the concrete mix. 2. Connect the power cord to an appropriate power source and turn on the switch. 3. Fill the drum with water and add the required amount of concrete mix into it. Make sure that you do not overfill it as this can cause problems with mixing and pouring. 4. Start up the motor and allow it to run for a few minutes before turning off the switch again. This will help to ensure that all of the ingredients are mixed properly before you start pouring your concrete mix. 5. Once everything is mixed, turn on the switch again and begin pouring your concrete mix into whatever form or shape you need it in. Be sure to use safety equipment such as gloves, goggles, and a dust mask when working with cement-based materials like concrete mix.
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