• Portable Concrete Mixer
    12 Jan 2023 Portable Concrete Mixer
      Good news, our sales volume of mini concrete mixers in 2022 reached 93,000, and it is expected that the sales volume of mixers in 2023 will reach 120,000. Thanks for every customers, We will work harder in the new year, and Let us work together to create a more brilliant future!
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  • Benefits of using a small cement mixer
    01 Feb 2023 Benefits of using a small cement mixer
      Typical small cement mixer models usually feature a rotating cement mixer bowl, a motor that rotates the mixer bowl and the handle that allows the operator to shift the position of the cement mixer bowl to pour out the cement or concrete once ready. It can either be mobile or stationary and c...
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  • Plate Compactor and Tamping Rammer
    01 Mar 2023 Plate Compactor and Tamping Rammer
      Our plate rammer, impact rammer generally used for paving streets, buildings, canals, bridges, the engineering foundation, curb, asphalt pavement compaction, such as highway, municipal, construction, water conservancy and other fields in the construction. It is very popular in the african mar...
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  • Detuo Attend The 27th China Hardware Fair
    16 Mar 2023 Detuo Attend The 27th China Hardware Fair
        From 17th to 19th Mar 2023,we will attend the 27th China Hardware Fair At Yongkong City. The China Hardware Fair is one of the key fairs supported by the Ministry of Commerce of the China Government, it have been successfully held for 25year since 1996 which gatherd more than 2000 ente...
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  • Mini Concrete Mixer
    23 Mar 2023 Mini Concrete Mixer
       Portable concrete mixer is a machine that combines cement, sand or gravel and water to form concrete. It is mainly used for construction sites, roads, bridges and other projects. The biggest advantage of portable concrete mixer is its high mobility, which makes it easy to move from one...
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  • Detuo Attend the Canton Fair
    03 Apr 2023 Detuo Attend the Canton Fair
     The Canton Fair is the largest trade fair in China. It is held biannually in Guangzhou every spring and autumn, with a history of more than 60 years since 1957. The fair showcases a wide variety of Chinese products and services, including electronics, machinery, hardware, building materials, c...
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  • Detuo Supply Different Drywall Sanders
    06 Apr 2023 Detuo Supply Different Drywall Sanders
      The drywall sander is a power tool used to sand down drywall, plaster, and other materials. It consists of an abrasive pad attached to a handle that is connected to a motor. The motor spins the abrasive pad at high speeds, allowing the user to quickly and easily sand down walls and other surf...
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  • Tile laying Vibrator
    11 Apr 2023 Tile laying Vibrator
       A tile laying vibrator is a tool used to help install tiles in a professional manner. It is designed to vibrate the tiles into place, helping to reduce air bubbles and other imperfections that can occur when laying tiles. The vibrator also helps ensure that the tiles are laid evenly and...
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  • How To Use The Portable Concrete Mixer
    14 Apr 2023 How To Use The Portable Concrete Mixer
     Steps to use the concrete mixer:Place the portable concrete mixer on a flat, level surface. Make sure that the surface is strong enough to support the weight of the mixer and the concrete mix. 2. Connect the power cord to an appropriate power source and turn on the switch. 3. Fill the drum wit...
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  • About The Tile Cutter
    03 May 2023 About The Tile Cutter
      The tile cutter is a tool used in the cutting and shaping of tiles. It is typically used to cut ceramic,porcelain, glass, or natural stone tiles in a straight, clean line. The cutter consists of a sharp cutting wheel that is operated by a handle. The tile is placed on the cutter and the cutt...
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  • Mini Concrete Mixer With Gasoline Engine
    11 May 2023 Mini Concrete Mixer With Gasoline Engine
      Detuo was a professional supplier of mini concrete mixer, plate compactor, tamping rammer,power tools and tile cutter,tile laying vibrators.We are constantly improving the products quality and developing latest products to meet customer's demands.   Small concrete mixer models are usuall...
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  • Multi-functional Electric Road Cutter Concrete Wall Cutter Concrete Pipe Cutting Machine
    31 May 2023 Multi-functional Electric Road Cutter Concrete Wall Cutter Concrete Pipe Cutting Machine
      We recommend a new multi-funnctional electric road cutter,which is a versatile tool that is used for cutting asphalt, concrete, cement,wood and other hard surfaces. This machine is powered by an electric motor 3200W and uses a diamond blade to cut through tough materials.  The elect...
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