Detuo Mini Drum Mixer Portable Concrete Mixer 03Aug 2023

There are several types of portable concrete mixers available on the market. Here are some common types:

  1. Drum Mixer: This type of portable concrete mixer has a drum-shaped container where the concrete materials are mixed. It can be further categorized into two subtypes:

    • Tilting Drum Mixer: The drum of this mixer can tilt to discharge the concrete. It is suitable for small construction projects.
    • Non-tilting Drum Mixer: In this type, the drum does not tilt. Instead, the concrete is discharged by reversing the rotation of the drum.
  2. Reversing Drum Mixer: This mixer has a rotating drum that can mix the concrete in one direction and discharge it in the opposite direction. It offers efficient mixing and is commonly used in construction sites.

  3. Pan Mixer: A pan mixer consists of a flat, circular pan with one or two rotating mixing arms. It is suitable for mixing small batches of concrete and is often used for precast concrete production.

  4. Vertical Shaft Mixer: This type of mixer has a vertical axis and is primarily used for mixing stiff and dry concrete. It is commonly used for precast and prestressed concrete applications.

  5. Paddle Mixer: Paddle mixers are often used for mixing materials such as mortar, plaster, and lightweight concrete. They have rotating paddles that mix the materials effectively.

  6. Batch Mixer: A batch mixer is a portable concrete mixer in which a specific amount of materials is mixed at a time. It offers precise control over the mixing process and is suitable for projects that require consistent concrete quality.

  7. Continuous Mixer: As the name suggests, a continuous mixer mixes concrete continuously. It has a large container where the materials are continuously fed and mixed. It is commonly used for large construction projects.

These are some of the common types of portable concrete mixers available. The choice of mixer depends on factors such as the project requirements, the volume of concrete needed, and the consistency and quality desired.

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